Staffing - Benefits

At Global Associates we understand that in order to attract and retain the highest caliber of employees and consultants we need to go the extra mile. Our benefit package is designed to assure that the Global Team is rewarded and supported in every way possible.

Compensation Packages

Global’s compensation package is very generous. At Global we keep costs to an absolute minimum so that we can charge below industry rates to our clients and still offer the best salaries to our team members. This ensures loyalty from both clients and team members.

Vacation and Holiday Pay

Each team member gets the standard paid holidays and generous vacation packages.


Global employees get health and wellness benefits that include Health, AD&D, Life, and Long Term Disability insurance plans.


We believe that to be the best in the industry we need to hire and develop the best in our team members. As such we have various training and incentive programs that ensure that our team members remain and the forefront of the technology curve.


Finally we have various bonus programs that include recruitment bonuses, sales bonuses and productivity bonuses.