Global Associates’ Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services provides our clients and their stakeholders an objective and independent report on their project investments. Our team will provide an exhaustive report detailing project risks and an assessment of the methods planned or implemented to help mitigate those risks. Furthermore our report includes information related to the analysis performed and methods suggested for continued project performance improvement.

Why INDEPENDENT Verification and Validation?

A project presents a challenge to the business due to its size, the use of unfamiliar technology, the advanced skills and resources required or its complexity
A project steering group requires independent progress reports
For businesses that do not have a history of successfully implementing projects

What’s our return on investment?

Maximize the likelihood of a successful project through practical advice on enhancing processes and controls to mitigate project risks
An independent assessment for management of the effectiveness of your project management controls
Objective and independent assessment of the risk of project failure
Proactive advice to minimize the cost of delays due to rework to the business, as well as the intangible costs of losses of reputation in the market place, or poor staff morale, and opportunity loss